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School Organisation 2022/2023

Leadership Team

Headteacher - Mr N Cornell

Deputy Head/SENCo/Inclusion - Mr J Watt

Assistant Head/KS2/English Leader - Mr C Simpson

EYFS/Phonics Leader - Miss E Carter

Key Stage 1/Maths Leader - Mrs L Duncan


Teaching Staff

Foundation Stage

Miss E Carter/Miss V Lewis (Foundation Stage)

Key Stage 1

Miss E Young (Year 1)

Miss P Thomson (Year 1/2)

Mrs L Duncan (Year 2) 

Key Stage 2

Mrs D Davies (Year 3)

Mrs Cooper/Miss N Spearman (Year3/4)

Ms M Mooney/Mrs T Smith (Year 4)

Miss A Wise (Year 5) 

Mr Harrison (Year 5/6)

Mr C Simpson (Year 6)

Miss N Spearman (Pupil Premium/PPA cover)

Mrs P Davies (Art/Pupil Premium/EYFS Cover)

Mrs M Taylor (KS2 cover/targeted teaching)

Mrs R McGill (Associate Teacher)


Teaching Assistant Staff

Mrs A Luther

Mrs T Twitchen

Mrs G Coles

Mrs S Dyer

Mrs V Conway

Mrs J Aston

Mrs E Schultz

Mrs P Northover

Mrs N Patrick

Mrs T Baker

Ms M Elliott

Mrs K Ward

Mrs L Rudge

Miss R McGill

Mr B Taunton

Mrs G Forsythe

Mrs S Bradshaw

Miss G Harris

Administrative Staff

Mrs S Tompkins/Mrs S Ashcroft

Mrs C Smith

Site Manager

Mr V Armand


Midday Supervisors

Mrs M James

Mrs T Hekimova

Mrs C O'Driscoll

Mrs G Coles

Miss N Livermore

Mrs H Hirons

Mrs E Curtis

Home School Link Worker

Mrs K Swinburn


Cleaning Staff

Mrs T Thorne 

Mrs H Hirons

Mrs S North

Mrs M James

Mrs C O'Driscoll

Breakfast Club

Mrs T Hekimova/Mrs G Coles


After School Club

Mrs T Hekimova/Mrs G Coles/Mrs C O'Driscoll

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