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Brookside, in common with all schools, is governed by a group of independent people appointed for fixed terms of office, usually four years. The Board comprises a number of representatives including elected parent governors, the local authority and the community. The overall purpose of the Board of Governors is to contribute to the management of the School and to ensure that the School delivers high quality learning, manages its resources effectively, appoints the senior management team including the headteacher and has an oversight of a range of other legal issues such as health and safety. The governors do not run the School on a day to day basis as this is the responsibility of the headteacher, but do act as a 'critical friend' to the School and provide support and challenge across a range of  important issues.

At Brookside, governors each have a specific role linked to the long-term objectives of the School, for example, raising standards in numeracy and literacy, development of the foundation stage and working with the headteacher on making major improvements to the School buildings and grounds. While the Board of Governors at Brookside has a formal role to play it conducts its business in an approachable and informal way.

Governors also enjoy meeting the children and their families through participation in a range of activities such as assemblies each term.

By working closely with the School the governors play an important part in ensuring that firm foundations are laid for your child's education that your child has a happy, secure and successful time while at primary school.


Brookside School 2023/2024– Governing Body

Richard Brown - Chair Of Governors                         

John Ellis - Vice Chair of Governors  

Nick Cornell - Headteacher   

Lorraine Gransden - Parent Governor

James Watt - Associate Governor 

Courtenay Simpson - Staff Governor

Stephan Saunders - Parent Governor

Catherine Beckett - Parent Governor

Sarah Ashcroft - Clerk to the governors

Governor information and attendance 

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